OUR STORY – HOW IT BEGAN.Brad-and-Lisa_iPad-colour

Brad and Lisa were colleagues within the technology industry.   Over a coffee, they got talking about their parents and their frustration with how fast technology seemed to be moving for them these days.  During Brad’s weekly visits to his parents house, he would have one foot in the door, and would be promptly handed the list of tech tasks to “sort out”.   He didn’t mind because he was always rewarded with his mum’s excellent cooking.   Lisa’s story wasn’t too different. Her parents preferred the bank teller representative over the Automatic Teller Machine, and she had recently purchased her mum a smart phone (which her mum can’t let go of).  Brad and Lisa realised that many other parents and grandparents must experience the same technology frustrations!  So they recruited a team of tech savvy trainers and founded ReadyTechGo  – a technology training service to help everyone with their technology problems.

During the past 4 years, and over 2500 technology lessons later – they saw the vast array of skills that their clients had to offer! Cooking, Craft, Carpentry, Music … their clients had so much experience and were so willing to share!  That’s when savvi was born…



  • Savvi was designed to provide everybody access to affordable, personalised education and services.
  • Savvi is an online platform where you can view profiles of Trainers, read their reviews, and book savvi locals on demand.
  • Savvi connects people who want to learn, with Locals in your area who are passionate in their area of expertise… that’s why we can them savvi locals!
  • We understand that everybody learns differently, and at a different pace.  Going to group classes don’t suit everybody.
  • At savvi, we have a community of savvi locals who have diverse backgrounds, and different teaching styles. savvi locals that come to you, and teach you in the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Choose your savvi local based on their skills, personality, location and reviews
  • If we do not currently service your area, please leave us with your email address, so we can let you know once a savvi local is available there!